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Why You should use a Virtual Private Server (VPS) for Ecommerce

Shared hosting is fine for a small blog about your cat. Ecommerce however, requires a VPS.

  • Shared hosting is just that, shared space  which makes you vulnerable to the security level of ALL THE OTHER SITES.
  • One bad script running on another site opens up all the sites to being hacked
  • Some hosts have hundreds of sites running in the same space… a hackers dream for sure!
  • VPS does not need to cost any more than a  shared hosting account.
  • VPS gives you control over how much memory and processors you wish to run.
  • VPS are much faster at loading your pages
  • This site is running on a $5 a month account: one processor and 1GB memory.
  • VPS are easy to increase resources. For an ecommerce site making 100 sales a day use 2 processors and 2GB memory which will cost you $20/month
  • Your server does not need a GUI operating system or cPanel but you can install graphical programs such as phpMyAdmin and programs for emails, server stats and operations.
  • Once the VPS is setup it requires very little supervision. Your day to day operations are done through WordPress and WooCommerce.
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